Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interviews with Chief Judge Rader and former Chief Judge Michel

Earlier this year, the IPWatchdog blog ran a series of interviews with Federal Circuit Chief Judge Rader (here) and former Chief Judge Michel (here). Last week, IPWatchdog ran a follow-up interview with C.J. Michel (here) on the topic of effective appellate advocacy. I found two of Michel's comments particularly interesting: don't waste time in your brief telling the judges what the law is; and trial counsel isn't necessarily the best counsel for an appeal. 

If you're a Federal Circuit junkie and can't get enough of these guys, you might be interested in another interview, this joint interview with Rader and Michel. The article is part of a special patent reform issue of the magazine "Medical Innovation & Business."

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  1. Great post!

    Judge Michel's comments on appellate practice makes me want to read:

    Patent Appeals: The Elements of Effective Advocacy in the Federal Circuit by Mark Simon Davies