Thursday, November 3, 2011

Check out these [not quite new] blogs

There aren't many blogs that focus on patent prosecution, so whenever I find one I make a point to tell my readers.

Last month I mentioned Ryan Alley's new blog which covers Federal Circuit decisions with a new angle: what do these decisions mean, specifically, for patent drafters and prosecutors. Ryan's blog is now the only blog I regularly read for Fed Cir coverage.

Today I want to mention Mark Terry's Florida Patent Lawyer Blog. Mark started blogging two years ago, about the same time I did, then he took some time off from blogging. But I'm glad to see that he's returned to the blogosphere. Earlier this week Mark posted about an Applicant's "motivation to combine" argument which lost at the BPAI.


  1. You don't read Patently O? Or IPWatchdog?

  2. >You don't read Patently O? Or IPWatchdog?

    Not for Fed Cir coverage.

    I *scan* PatentlyO maybe every week or two,
    just to make sure I haven't missed anything important.

    I scan IP Watchdog on a less frequent basis.

  3. I subscribe to both using Google Reader.

    Do you use an RSS subscription reader (e.g. Google Reader, Bloglines)?

  4. >Do you use an RSS subscription reader

    I use Google Reader.

  5. Not to beat a dead horse, but:

    1. if you use Google Reader, I presume that you subscribe to PatentlyO?
    2. if you subscribe to PatentlyO, how do you scan all of its posts every week or two?

    I read the posts as they are presented in Google Reader, and I check Google Reader about 50 times a day. It's not a big deal, I'm just curious how you read PatentlO and IPWatchdog, etc., so infrequently, if you're using an RSS subscriber to read them...

  6. I *subscribe* to dozens, if not a few score, of patent blogs. But I have those divided into tiers (folders). I check Google Reader once every day or two. When I'm in Google Reader, I always check my top tier. But I don't check the lower tiers every time I start Google Reader.

    I check my 2nd tier less frequently, say once every 1-1.5 weeks. And my 3rd tier even less frequently, maybe every 2 weeks.

    PatentlyO is now on my 2nd tier.

    Plus, as I said, I *scan* Patently-O posts. If it's a Fed Cir decision that I already read about on Ryan Alley's blog, I don't even read the full PatentlyO post. I only read the full PatentlyO post on more esoteric topics.

  7. Ah, that makes perfect sense. I need to start stacking tiers.