Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog Posts of Interest

If you're not a regular reader of Ryan Alley's blog, you should be. Ryan covers Federal Circuit cases, with a sharp focus on the aspects that interest patent prosecutors. For example, his recent post on 
In re Abbott Diabetes examines how the Federal Circuit limited the Board's expansive view of Broadest Reasonable Interpretation. And his recent post on Apple v. Samsung discusses the ramifications of using "each" in the context of "plurality."

I've always thought the Federal Circuit's application of 112P6 to software claims was illogical, but never sat down to write a cogent article about why. Kip Werking did a great job of explaining why the Federal Circuit's position is nonsense in his post The Illogic of the Algorithm Requirement for Software Claims at IP Watchdog. 

Property, Intangible, a blog written by in-house counsel Pamela Chestek, covers ownership of IP. Her recent post Assignment of a Continuation-In-Part discussed some tricky issues that can arise in drafting assignments to cover CIPs.

Later this week I'll have a guest post about a post-Therasense district court case involving declarations and inequitable conduct.


  1. Thanks for the endorsement, Karen! Of course, All Things Pros is even more required reading. I don't know a better place on the interwebs for discussion (both in your posts and comment sections) of real substance on USPTO practice.

  2. Thanks you, Karen! I love gold stars!

    And I consider both your blog, and Ryan's, to be essential reading.

  3. Thanks so much for the HT! And thanks for your blog, eminently readable by those of us who don't even prosecute patents --