Sunday, September 26, 2010

List of daily BPAI decisions

I found a great resource for those of you interested in BPAI opinions: a list of daily BPAI opinions. This list is much more useful than going to the BPAI site, because the list includes basic information for each opinion. This basic information includes:
  • the technology center; 
  • the outcome (reversed, affirmed, affirmed-in-part);
  • the type of appealed rejections;
  • the name of the law firm; 
  • the name of the Examiner; and
  • case law cited by the BPAI.
This great resource is compiled by James Long, a registered U.S. patent attorney who currently works for the Jianq Chyun Intellectual Property Office in Taiwan.


  1. Nice find !

    ... and an amazing amount of work being daily done by the author of that site


  2. Many thanks to Mr. Long for his site. It also has some really good links to the various MPEP sections, and really good "not in the MPEP" sections (which could be a whole site in and of themselves).