Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trade secrets or patents?

I ran across an interesting discussion on the IP Biz blog about trade secrets versus patents: "The Case Against a Case Against Patents."

The IP Biz post by blogger Lawrence Ebert is a response to the post "A Case Against Patents" on the MarkiMicrowave blog. In that post, microwave engineer Christopher Marki makes the argument that "for small tech companies like Marki Microwave, patents do not provide as many benefits as is often assumed." 


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  2. So would this post, titled "The Language of Kings: The case for Patents in an increasingly media acquiescent world", which sheds some light onto the dynamics of the drivers of the patent process:

  3. In the pharma business, the drug has to be identified, so trade secrets are not an option.

    In much of the electronics business, reverse engineering is on the table, and the consequences of a competitor discovering a "trade secret" are severe.

    Separately, when an employee breaches confidence as to a trade secret, there can be problems, as illustrated in the unfolding Bimbo Bakeries case.

    [Lawrence B. Ebert of IPBiz, 9/27/2010]

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